Lack of communication is a common and frequent complaint in the security service industry—NOT when you call National Security Group—you will always speak with an owner, not an answering machine, dispatcher, or supervisor—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Mission

National Security Group is committed to providing a professional, personalized, and responsive security service through a proactive relationship with our clients. This is achieved by having a superior customer service relationship, strong integrity, and dependability that you, the client, deserve.

Our Vision & Strategy

We are determined to be the best security services company. We focus on security officers and meeting customer needs. We continually earn recognition and trust from clients and staff through our ability to anticipate, learn, and shape our future.

We share a common ambition to succeed by delivering quality in what we do. Our purpose is to secure and protect our client’s lives and assets. We use our resources to develop effective security solutions and services for our clients.

About NSG

National Security Group is significantly different from its competitors in ownership, quality, focus, response, and tradition.

National Security Group is a private company, and all owners are actively involved in the day-to-day conductance of business. That means we are flexible, can make decisions and take action quickly, and you have fewer layers to wade through than with most other security firms. This is a huge advantage when dealing with us. Your single point of contact for all security needs is an owner of the company. We pledge to always offer our very best.

When you call – any time – and every day – you will speak with an owner who knows you, your site, and your Security Guards – by name. We understand your calls are important and deserve the attention and response afforded by an owner of the company.

Typically the potential client looks at the difference from a strictly monetary point of view—the price for service. But the differences are much greater than just price. The security services firm you hire represents your company.

National Security Group strives to attract, hire, and retain the best workers for each and every job site. We bring value to clients through well trained staff that are caring, engaged, and practice great customer service, while protecting their people and property. Each job site has specific needs and each security officer is specifically trained to meet site demands. Employees are trained and knowledgeable so they know how to handle themselves in situations.

We have grown a diverse client base over the years, and our "controlled growth" process has continually allowed National Security Group to monitor and maintain the level of quality necessary to bring you the very best in affordable security options, and to bring you the personal touch that makes the difference in all your interactions with our company.

Serving the Greater New Haven metro area, NSG provides trained security guards to keep your people and business safe and secure. Every owner and every employee of National Security Group is certified by the State of Connecticut.

National Security Group, Inc. is approved through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
License # AS-2213

National Security Group
*Bonded and Insured*