FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the most important factors in choosing a security company?
A -
Consider your protection first! Connecticut state laws establish strict criteria by which all licensed security companies must abide. These laws ensure moral integrity and professional competence so you can trust a licensed security company. Next, consider yourself -- choose a security company that is responsive to your needs, beginning with the first phone call. National Security Group is licensed by the state, and when you call, you will speak with an owner who will promptly answer your questions, or address your situation.

Q - My company requires you show proof of insurance and are bonded.
A - The State of Connecticut has some very strict laws concerning Security Guard Companies. National Security Group has ALL of the required coverage, and we will provide copies to you whenever you need them.

Q - I heard something about a new law in Connecticut concerning Security Guards.
A - You're right. Connecticut passed a new law that all Security Guards must be certified before they go on a job site.  All National Security Group guards are certified.

Q - What is necessary to become certified as a Security Guard?
A -
It starts with a rather intensive 8-hour class taught by a state-licensed Security Officer Certification Instructor.  The state mandates what is taught, from public safety issues, report writing, emergency situations and protocols, what a guard can and cannot do on the job, and a good portion of time on Connecticut Statutory Laws that guide the Security Industry. Individuals must pass the class to go to the next step: submit fingerprints and photographs to the state, and go through an extensive background check through the State of Connecticut and the FBI. If they go through this process successfully they are then issued an Identification Card. All National Security Group Security Guards have gone through this process and have their ID cards on their person at all times.

Q - What are Security Guards taught about the job sites where they work?
A -
In addition to what is taught in the state-required certification process, at National Security Group, we go a step further, and familiarize our Security Guards with the unique aspects of each site, to provide the best service to our customers.

Q - I've had a Security Guard company in the past and every time I called I either got a recording or some Security Guard and couldn't contact anybody in management. What should we expect from you?
A - One of the items that distinquishes National Security Group from other security guard companies is that we have the phone on 24/7. When you call you will immediately be in touch with an owner who is familiar with your site and we will resolve any issue you may have.

Q - I'd like to know what's going on at the site:  How will I be notified?
A - When we begin a new job site we go to the site and prepare a detailed guard report. What the guard will be doing while they are at the site - time of their rounds - anything that happens during those rounds. We will sit with you and present the report to you where you can accept/amend it to fit your needs.  Thereafter, usually a copy of the report is left on the site when the guard leaves, but we can amend the reporting method, if you prefer.

Q - What about an emergency, will I be notified immediately?
A - You're the boss. Our guards are instructed that in any emergency 911 is the first option, if need be, and the immediate safety of anybody on the site. They will immediately call us to inform us of any situation at the site. At that point, we inform the guard of his next action. We will immediately notify any person you designate as a site contact person.

Q - I'm not that up on security procedures. Will you help me design a good protocol for my site?
A - That's what we do. Prior to beginning any job, we will go to the site and write up a proposed protocol for that site:  what the guard will and should do. We will meet with you prior to the job beginning and go over what we recommend, what you require, and design a protocol for our guards to follow based on your concerns to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Q - I know I've had some problems here and I need to put in security but cost is a large concern.
A - We understand that and when we prepare the protocol with recommended hours we can discuss the various ways to provide coverage keeping cost in the conversation. Be it shortening hours, mixing hours, shifts, days, etc. We will design an effective security program for you, to give you the maximum coverage at the least possible price.

Q - Could you describe what is involved in a Risk Assessment?
- Conducting a Risk Assessment means we meet with you to gather as much information as possible about your business. We walk the location with you to identify risk points which could be affecting your security. When designing a security program for your facility, we discuss options you can take to make your facility more secure. If we determine security oficers are necessary for your facility together we'll design the security protocols. This includes the frequency and times security officers make their rounds, who is allowed access to your property, the protocols they need to follow depending on the types of situations pertaining to your business, design of the daily guard reports, and reporting procedures.

Q - Do you provide service in my city or town?
- We primarily provide security services in the greater New Haven County metro area, which includes: Allington, Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Branford, Cheshire, Derby, Devon, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Indian Neck, Leetes Island, Madison, Meriden, Middlebury, Milford, Monowese, Naugatuck, New Haven, North Brandford, North Guilford, North Haven, Northford, Orange, Oxford, Prospect, Quinnipiac, Seymour, Short Beach, Southbury, Stony Creek, Totoket, Union City, Wallingford, Waterbury, West Haven, West Simsbury, Whitneyville, Wolcott, Woodbridge, and Woodmont. We also provide security services in neighboring towns in Fairfield, Litchfield, and Hartford Counties.

National Security Group, Inc. is approved through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
License # AS-2213

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