Security Officer Training

Steve Campano

Stephen J. Campano
Approved by State of Connecticut
Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to teach as a Security Officer Certification Instructor,
October 2004-present



I have conducted the State of Connecticut Certification class well over a hundred times since I was certified to instruct in 2004. I've had the pleasure of welcoming many new people into our industry. I like what I see. Our industry may have gotten a bad "rap" in the past, but these new, energized, trained Security Guards are a positive for our industry and they are putting themselves out there to the public as true "professionals".

My Qualifications: Why do I teach? Why take my class?

My background is not Ownership - not Law Enforcement - My background is "I'm a Security Guard". Did 10 years in the military (U.S. Marine Corps). Oh yea: plenty of time on guard duty. But I also, in our business, spent many years as a Security Guard. I've been out there on the 8, 10, 12 hour shifts. The ugly assignments. I truely appreciate the importance of training: the training that will protect you from the legal system and protect you personally out there on the job. That's what my class is all about. I do not instruct from an Owner viewpoint, nor a Law Enforcement viewpoint, BUT from a Security Guard point of view: been there - done that. Everything we talk about does not come from a company: our discussion is from the State of Connecticut - all the areas the State - and I agree - that a Security Guard must be familiar with BEFORE they go on a job site. Am I a lawyer? No. Paralegal? Yes. All that means is I've read a lot of court cases as to what a Security Guard did on a job site: did they act in a reasonable manner or ?? and we discuss what can happen. 

Since October 2004, Connecticut has mandated (Statutory law) that in order to be a Security Guard in our state "you must be certified". This certification process: the class, fingerprints, photo's, application ensures only the best "qualified" Security Guards are placed on a job site. This process includes a record check through the State of Connecticut and the FBI. Upon successful completion of this process the applicant will recieve a State of Connecticut Security Guard Identification Card: mandatory - can not be on job site without it.

I offer the 8 hour certification class at various places/times throughout the month. At your location for a company or group. Call for schedule of upcoming classes


Cost: $99.00, payable on day of training to instructor.




National Security Group, Inc. is approved through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
License # AS-2213

National Security Group
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